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Life’s Abundance

Your puppy has been eating Life’s Abundance –  Puppy Formula (medium/small) dry food. This food is not available in retail stores. It is an organic food which contains no preservatives, fillers, corn, or gluten, and all ingredients are grown and produced in the USA. 14 days from time of manufacture to your door, it is the highest and freshest quality food I have found.

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Your puppy will arrive with a sample of the Life’s Abundance Puppy Formula (medium) food that he has been eating. We highly recommend that you continue feeding this until your pup reaches 12 months old. It has the proper percentage of protein appropriate for growing bones and growth plates. Too high a protein content forces unnatural rapid long bone growth that can potentially cause problems in the adult dog. Slow and steady growth during puppy hood develops strong healthy skeletal mass.

Life’s Abundance is not available at retail stores and must be ordered online. We suggest you set up an order for 18 or 20 lb. bag to be delivered every 30 days. If you set up an automatic order, you will receive a discounted price.

They also have excellent customer care and veterinarians on staff to answer your nutritional questions.

Plenty of fresh water should be available at all times.


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