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Suggested Puppy Supplies

Family Labradoodles and Goldendoodles – Suggested Puppy Supplies

Suggestions and a few requirements for your new puppy’s arrival
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Can’t live without it. Airline crates work fine in a pinch but are hard to clean, hot, and your puppy’s visibility is compromised. Especially in the beginning, they need their new family-you- to be in view. Your puppy will feel isolated and frightened otherwise. Remember that they have been with mom and their brothers and sisters for comfort and love for their entire lives thus far. Being all alone is a scary new thing for them. A towel or washable crate pad is needed for the bottom. I have found washing dog beds and crate liners difficult. The bulk prohibits the stuffing materials to dry thoroughly. A great product that I happily recommend is the Wash-‘n-Zip.

Crate Type and Style

The wire type with cleanable pull-out tray bottom is ideal.
I like the 2 door style because it gives you more placement options.

Crate Pads

A washable crate pad is needed for the bottom. Here is an example of that.

Another helpful product is EZWhelp quilted piddle or whelping pads. They are impervious to liquids, lightweight, easy to wash and last forever. They come in many sizes as well. Use them in crates, on the floor or on top of carpeted areas for puppy to play with no fear of accident stains. Found online at Amazon. Check the sizes for your needs.

Crate Sizes

Crate sizes I would recommend would be either a 30x21x24 (medium) ; I like the 2 door style because it gives you more placement options or the next size up- the 36x24x27(medium large). The medium large would be appropriate for your puppy at full maturity. I would have no problem putting him in that size now if you like.


Not a necessity but most puppies like the comfort and secure feeling that a bed with padded sides gives them. Your puppy has been sleeping in a bed since he was able to crawl up into its cozy fleece.

You can put it near you but removed from the activity of the family. Remember that puppies need many naps and quiet time. Here is a link to a bed that has zippered washable covers. As you can imagine, Dog Beds come in every price range, color and style. Here is just one that we like:

Pet Insurance

Family Labradoodles will be providing you with a Breeder Certificate good for 30 days of free accident and illness pet insurance through Trupanion. You will need to activate the policy using the provided certificate within the first 24 hours of possession of your puppy.

Call 855-266-2156 within 24 hours to activate your pet’s coverage.

We highly recommend you take advantage of this free trial period while you are getting to know your puppy. That’s when unexpected things can happen. Trupanion only offers accident and illness pet insurance which is the only insurance I feel is needed.

Canine Flotation Device

A canine life jacket can help a dog who is learning to swim feel more comfortable and may save his life.

There are a variety of well-made dog and puppy life jackets available. A personal favorite is the Hurtta jacket because of its secure fit, multiple buckles for adjustment and wide stretchy belly band. Make sure that the jacket is made with a sturdy handle so that you can guide the puppy in the water and lift him out easily if necessary.

Essential Cleanups

There will be accidents…it’s going to happen sometime so best to be prepared with products that work! Here are our tried and trues. Click the bottle to go to the product page:

Grooming Aids

A good comb is essential. It will be the tool that will aid in the prevention of mats forming. (A comb is included in your puppy pack). A wire style brush can be helpful but it is your comb that gets the job done. A small sharp pair of scissors will help with slicing into small mats to make them manageable for comb out.

Another small comb called a “flea comb” is useful for removing eye secretions at the corners of your puppy’s eyes. There can be excessive matter for the first year but then disappears. A flea comb has very fine teeth and is included in your puppy pack. Never use a washcloth for this purpose. More information will be included in your Puppy Information Packet.


Shampoo should be for pets only-puppies- and a “no tears” formula please! Puppies should not be washed frequently; perhaps only once a month or when necessary for a partial sanitary clean up. We recommend Dr. Shawn’s Itch Relief Organic Shampoo from Dr. Shawn’s Naturals in Plano, TX

Order Dr. Shawn's Itch Relief Shampoo

For Healthy Ears

Here are our recommended products to keep your puppy’s ears healthy.

Collars and Leash

A starter collar and leash are included in your take home bag.

When shopping for a new collar and leash, please no retractable types until your puppy is comfortable and proficient at walking on a lead. A great training aid when pup is older is a “gentle lead”. It comes with a training DVD and helps prevent pulling and headstrong behavior. It works! Pet Smart or any of the big box pet stores all carry it or you can order it on Amazon. Your puppy’s approximate neck size is 7-9 inches. Use this measurement when choosing collar- we recommend an adjustable type that will fit 10 to 16 inches.

Petsafe Gentle Leader

Halters are recommended as well however must be removed after a walk. Martindale Collars are a great alternative for walk training as they can be worn all day.

Martingale Dog Collar

Toys, Toys, and More Toys!

Labradoodles love their toys! Balls are mandatory but it’s those squeaky toys that carry the day. Try rotating some of the favorites out of the mix and reintroducing them later- Just like all new toys again. The talking toys are a real favorite as well. You will need to confiscate these periodically for your sanity’s sake. They do love the toys that talk back.

We highly recommend these very special toys. Click the images to go to the product pages!

House Training Aids

Short of installing a pet door for your puppy’s access to the outside, you may want to consider Bell Training. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles learn to use the bells almost immediately! I suggest you not use the bells that attach directly to your door. Place them adjacent to the door that you want them to use. There are excellent training and installation instructions included. They just require a simple hook and you’re ready to train! The “Tell Bell” is placed on the floor and works great.

Here are some products we recommend! Click the images to go to product pages!

Snuggle Puppy

(included in your puppy’s take home tote)

(in lieu of earplugs)

Those first few nights can be challenging for you and your puppy. Here are a few tips to help your household get a reasonable night’s sleep:

  • Make sure your puppy can see you- he has NEVER been alone before.
  • Use the blanket, toy (and music) that he is familiar and comfortable with. Mom and sibling’s smells on these items will calm him
  • Snuggle Puppy for bedtime~This is a wonderful idea and comes outfitted with a beating heart and warming pack.
  • Remember this phase doesn’t last long!

Puppy Confinement

Remember that your puppy can find himself in harm’s way faster than you can imagine. Electrical cords, Lego pieces, socks, shoes, paper, absolutely anything that isn’t nailed down.
When someone is not able to keep an eye on your very busy puppy you may want to safely confine him without always relegating him to his crate.

Here are a few suggestions:

Baby/Pet Gates

There are so many on the market that cover nearly every configuration imaginable. Here are a few:

Exercise Pens

Again, there are a myriad of x-pens available to suit any environment, indoors, outside, play enclosures that can extend your puppy’s exercise area used in conjunction with his crate, folding types, stackable panels, travel pens, those that can accommodate additional panels if needed, plastic, mesh and metal.

All sizes and price ranges are available

Take Home Bag

Included in Your Puppy’s Take Home Bag:

  • Canvas Tote
  • The Puppy Primer book
  • Starter Pack Food
  • Puppy treats
  • Blanket (with mom’s scent)
  • Favorite toy
  • Travel piddle pads
  • Pick-up disposable bags (with dispenser)
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Grooming comb or slicker brush
  • Eye comb
  • Puppy music CD
  • Folder with documentation and health record

Included But Not Pictured:

  • Collapsible travel bowl
  • Bottled water
  • Snuggle Puppy